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Thrifty Car Rental
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Thrifty Car Rental
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Thrifty Car Rental
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Thrifty Car Rental
Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Roadside Assistance is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, unlimited service. The coverage is Australia-wide and will cover any nominated Thrifty vehicle that has a valid Rental Agreement Number. Thrifty Roadside Assistance covers vehicles not over 2.5KgGVM, within 2.3 metres wide, 6.0 metres in length and the wheel span is no more than 1.8 metres wide.

Wheels & Tyres
A replacement damaged tyre/wheel with the Vehicle's serviceable spare, where it is roadworthy and compatible with the other tyres/wheels on the Vehicle will be provided. Where the spare is not serviceable, roadworthy or compatible, a tow, to the nearest repair facility will occur.

Flat Battery
A Patrol will attend and try and give the vehicle a 'battery boost' otherwise a replacement battery will be arranged.

In the case where keys have been accidentally lost or locked in a vehicle, a Patrol will attend to open the vehicle. A locksmith will be at the Driver's expense.

Out of Fuel (non LPG)
Drivers will be provided with sufficient fuel to enable them to travel to the nearest service station (supply may be charged to the Driver).

Metro - towing for vehicles will be provided to the nearest dealer to the breakdown site or closest Thrifty dealer. Country - towing for vehicles will be provided to the nearest dealer or authorised service facility. Emergency Repairs will be initiated to the value of $200 and costs above this level will be charged to the Driver.

After Hours Towing
In cases where a service facility or dealer is not open the vehicle will be towed to a vehicle storage facility until the vehicle can be delivered.

Caravan/Trailer Towing
Towing will be provided, where possible, to caravans and other trailor body whilst the Driver's actual vehicle (nominated) requires towing. This towing will be at the Driver's expense.

Metropolitan Taxi Service
Driver's can be assured of a one way metropolitan taxi from the breakdown site to enable them to continue their journey and where the Driver's vehicle has been cleared for towing.

Urgent Message Relay
The Thrifty Roadside Assistance Consultant (1800 811 506) can relay urgent messages to Driver's relatives, friends, family, business associates together with advice on local transportation should it be required at roadside. The Patrol may also make available their in-car mobiles for messages at roadside as well.

Travel Arrangements
Driver's can call the Thrifty Roadside Assistance Consultant (1800 811 506) for information on booking, re-booking, pre-booked, flight or accommodation reservation following a breakdown or accident. All costs associated with travel and accommodation is at the Driver's expense.

Emergency Overnight Accommodation
Drivers involved in a vehicle breakdown have the opportunity to contact Thrifty Roadside Assistance Consultant (1800 811 506) to obtain accommodation for up to $100 for one night. This is initially at the Driver's expense, however the Driver can seek reimbursement from Thrifty provided they retain the relevant receipts.

Accident Assistance
Thrifty Roadside Assistance Consultant (1800 811 506) will help Drivers in accident situations that include organising vehicle towing and transportation to a Thrifty repairer. This service also includes the consultant organising a replacement Thrifty Rental Car. Any additional calls will be the Driver's expense.